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Xerox Phaser 6280 Black High Capacity toner

Regular Price: $389.00
Sale Price: $349.00
Item Number: 106R01395
Xerox Phaser 6280 Black High Capacity toner- 106R01395

This black toner cartridge uses EA-HG toner which is a Xerox patented technology. Emulsion Aggregation toner is a chemical toner using resin, pigment and wax particles that are formed in water. Toner particles are smaller in diameter and uniform in shape in comparison to conventional toners. This results in improved print clarity and sharper detail. EA-HG toner used in this cartridge is high grade toner which makes further improvements to standard EA toner performance. This oil-less toner helps to eliminate problems caused by oil such as printed text that is too shiny, making it difficult to read. Images are enhanced with a smoother surface thanks to the low-melt toner formulation
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