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3M Scotchrap 50 All-Weather Corrosion Protection Tape, 2 in x 100 ft

Regular Price: $33.00
Sale Price: $27.90
Item Number: 50-2x100

3M Scotchrap All-Weather Corrosion Protection Tape 50 is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tape with a high-tack adhesive to resist all-weather corrosion of metal piping systems, conduits and fittings above and below the ground. The strong and durable tape can be applied in temperatures ranging from -12°C to 65.6°C (10°F to 150°F) and has a service temperature range from -48°C to 80°C (-55°F to 175°F). Metal surfaces must be coated with 3M™ Scotchrap™ Pipe Primer before wrapping with the tape.

3M™ Scotchrap™ 50 All-Weather Corrosion Protection Tape is used for corrosion protection on pipes, conduits, fittings and other surfaces. It offers excellent UV resistance and has a temperature rating of 176°F (80°C). 3M™ Scotchrap™ Pipe Primer should be used with all corrosion protection tapes.

Suggested Applications

  • Used for corrosion protection on pipes, conduits, fittings and other surfaces
  • Designed for application over a wide temperature range
  • Resistant to impacts, abrasions, punctures and tears
  • Can be applied easily without special tools
  • Resistant to common chemicals, soil acids, alkalis and outdoor weathering
  • Highly conformable
  • Surfaces to be wrapped should be clean, dry and free of contaminants
  • Resistant to outdoor weathering and sunlight

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