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Kimberly-Clark Wypall X80 Premium Shop Towel Pop-Up, 80/pkg, 400/cs #05930

Regular Price: $119.00
Sale Price: $97.00
Item Number: 05930

Kimberly Clark 05930 Red WYPALL X80 Cloth Towel, Pop-Up, 80/pkg, 400/cs #05930

The Crew Chief's Choice® Engineered to feel like cloth and work even better. Manufactured without chemical binders or other agents that could harm your workers or work process. Has been upgraded with SuperCharged technology, making it the choice for the toughest jobs. Made using our patented HYDROKNIT Fast-Absorbing Material. Softer and more absorbent than ever. Pound for pound absorbs more water and oil than rental shop towels. Guaranteed more cost-effective than rental shop towels or rags. Ideal for heavy wiping, prepping surfaces with solvents, and cleaning metal shavings and rough surfaces. Strong, absorbent material made from pulp & textile fibers. Tough enough for jobs involving metal chips, rust, and machined surfaces. 

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