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Tesa 52223 Softprint 18" x 25yds

Regular Price: $789.00
Sale Price: $710.00
Item Number: 52223
Tesa® 52223 PV1 Softprint x-Soft is a double-coated foam tape, designed specifically for mounting photopolymer plates of thickness 1.14mm (0.045") or 1.70mm (0.067") in wide-web film and paper flexographic printing, on machines using sleeves or steel cylinders.

The unique properties of tesa® 52223 PV1 make it the ideal choice for finest screen print, especially where harder digital plates are in use.
Additionally, the extra cushion allows faster printing speeds, whilst reducing the effects of unwanted press “bounce”.

Foam properties
• The extra soft foam is the ideal plate mounting solution in combination with harder, digital plates (for finest screen print)
• The foam is also highly compressible, with superior recovery behavior for excellent, consistent results
• The extra soft foam absorbs vibrations during the print run, improving results and allowing faster printing speeds
• Tight thickness tolerances for superior, precise set up of the print job

Adhesive properties
• Secure bonding to sleeve / cylinder, with specially enhanced removal properties
• Optimal bonding to plate to avoid edge lifting or plate movement, with residue-free removal

Additional properties
• The structured PP-liner prevents the formation of air pockets when plate mounting
• Yellow color coding of logo on backing indicates extra soft foam category
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