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Rubbermaid Safety Storage Bin (100 Cup) with 2 cup scoop

Regular Price: $168.00
Sale Price: $129.00
Item Number: 9G57
Rubbermaid new Safety Storage Bins for smaller quanties or ingredients. Lid Design provides access to ingredients whiel stacked on a shelf, or under a prep table.
- Patent pending lid design allows for one-handed access to ingredient while stacked
- Clear windoes and ingredient labels for easy identification of contents.
- Integrated 2 Cup Safety Portioning Scoop and hook provide dedicated scoop storage for safe ingredient portioning
- Assists in complying with FDA Food Code 3-304.12
- Height of 16" fits on most storage racks
- Container Base is duable with smooth surfaces to help maintain cleanliness
- Front and rear handles aid with safe and stable portability.

-Versatile, durable carts perform a wide variety of tasks.
-Molded shelvies will not rust, dent, or require painting.
-Convenient handles and compact size enhance maneuverability.
-Assists in complying with HACCP guidlelines
-Non-marking swivel casters reduce touch-up cleaning.

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