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3M 7500 Lead Dust Respirator Combination Medium

Regular Price: $64.00
Sale Price: $58.00
Item Number: 7500-7093
3M 7500 Lead Dust respirator combination Medium

The 3M 7500 Lead Dust 
respirator combination features a face piece made of soft silicone rubber, which is more comfortable and conforms more readily to the face than less expensive masks. This means that the mask can be worn comfortably for longer periods of time and can be used for many projects. Debris or paint is less likely to stick to the silicone mask, making it easier to clean. Be sure to wear the mask for protection against lead dust created from grinding off old paint. The 3M 7500 mask has been combined with our favorite filter for lead work, which is the 3M 7093 P100 Filter. This filter is HEPA rated and encased in protective plastic so it can be wiped off easily and used for multiple jobs.

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