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3M 969 Adhesive Transfer Tape, 1/2" x 36 yds - 5.0mil - Extra High Tack

Regular Price: $16.63
Sale Price: $14.20
Item Number: 969-12x36
3M Scotch 969 ATG Tape - 1/2" x 36yds - 5.0mil - High Tack - Very aggressive . 
 This tape offers excellent adhesion to textured surfaces, rough paper surfaces and plastic. Ideal for bonding materials with glossy coatings where an aggressive adhesive with high initial adhesion is desired. Some application ideas are: folders and boxes, attach fabric swatches in sample books, and assemble point-of-purchase displays. Good adhesion to Low Surface Energy applications.

Other uses:
-Splicing of film, foils, fabrics, coated papers
-Laminating adhesive for foams, photos, fabrics, metal or plastic nameplates
-General purpose holding and mounting applications
-High tack adhesive for most plastics & rubbers
-Good for holding leather & textiles
-Adhere trim strips to furniture and luggage
-Bond gaskets and industrial foam.

Use with ATG 700 1/2" Applicator for heavy-duty applications.

3M ID 70006060803
UPC# 00021200156823

**Special Sale from May 1 to May 31,2024 **

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