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3M 3798LM Scotch Weld Removable Gummy Glue Sticks 5/8"x 2" PK132 - 11 LB/Case

Regular Price: $329.00
Sale Price: $289.00
Item Number: 3798LM
3M Removable Gummy Glue - Scotch Weld 3798LM Sticks 5/8"x 2" PK132 - 11 LB/Case, Sold as a case
An effective way to attaching business cards, coupons, inserts, credit cards, & samples common in brochures and mailing. Amazing value! Best price in town. 

3M 3798LM is a removable 'gummy' glue which is applied in a low temperature 3M LT Polygun for applications where the adhesive can be safely removed from surfaces like paper, cardboard, plastic and metal without damaging the surface or leaving an oily residue. The 3M 3798LM is a very unique product from 3M and one of our best selling glue sticks.

-  100 % solids thermoplastic.
-  Low temperature applied
-  Removable gummy glue adhesive. Easily 
remove without residual tack and can be used on a variety of substrates. 

  • Attaching magnets to flyers, 
  • Membership cards to letters, 
  • CD's to Magazines
  • Reply cards to samples
  • Any promotional material where a sample, card,magnet needs to be temporarily attached, & removed at the destination without damaging the product.
3M ID: 62379898307
UPC: 00021200416040

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