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3M Scotch-Weld 2216 Epoxy Adhesive Gray B/A, Two Part, 1 Quart Kit

Regular Price: $375.00
Sale Price: $297.00
Item Number: 62221664303
3M Scotch-Weld 2216 Epoxy Adhesive Gray B/A, Two Part, 1 Quart Kit
Highly Flexible, Two-Part Adhesive Kit (2/3 Full Container of Base, 1 Full Container of Accelerator). Cures at Room Temperature. Provides High Strength Bonds in Shear and Peel. Bonds Rubber, Metal, Wood, Plastic and Masonry. 90 minute worklife.  It cures at room temperature and provides high strength bonds with exceptional performance in shear and peel. It can be used to bond rubber, metal, wood, most plastics and masory products. The mix ratio is two parts base to three parts accelerator by volume.

Composite panels are essential materials in aircraft manufacturing. To reinforce them 3M 2216 Structural Epoxy Adhesive allows the attachment of the honeycomb structure to the composite panel.  Flexible and extremely durable, this adhesive provides excellent durability for the most demanding applications.

90 minute worklife provide enough time to measure the two parts, mix, apply, and make a proper bond.

3M ID: 62221664303
UPC: 00021200203565
3M Product Number: 2216
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